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Contra & Line Dance.png

4th Fridays

7-9 pm

Admission $5


We need to generate an interest list before we schedule a launch date. If you are interested, text Francee Kneisley 806-543-1928 or email, and she'll put you on a contact list for our launch date.

If you can line dance, you can contra.  Like line dancing you will be taught a set of moves before the music starts.  Unlike line dancing, contra can be danced in circles, squares, and two facing lines.  Watch the videos below for a preview.  Kristen Carol and Francee Kneisley will alternate line dances and contra dances throughout the evening, so you may participate in one or both styles of dance. You do not need to bring a partner for either of these dances.

Neither video is our club or dance hall.

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