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Dance Puts Love into Motion

Dance has a way of connecting people like no other activity.  How many couples have met and fallen in love via dance through the ages?  My husband and I have been square dancing for almost two years now.  In that time, I have witnessed one couple who met during square dance lessons here at our dance hall and were married over a year later.  Square dancing - like many other forms of dance - has introduced many to love and friendship.


Warren Thetford found us through a google search and asked if he could bring his mother, Margaret Ann, to watch.   She had been reminiscing about how she had met her husband, Conway, in 1947 at a Texas Christian University square dance social.  Square dancing has been ever evolving from different cultural dance forms since the colonist settled America, but died down at the beginning of the 20th century.  After WWII, square dancing became popular again1 and many colleges throughout the United States hosted square dances.  Margaret Ann and Conway were even on a square dance team that traveled to Austin to dance.  She also said, “ at TCU we wore longer skirts, not the big ruffle ones that came later, and your partner wore a scarf the same color as your dress.”

Margaret Ann and Conway loved many forms of dance throughout their 48 years of marriage until he died of pancreatic cancer. Their love of dance continues through four generations; four, ages 5-94, were present at our club.  Young Luna was perpetually dancing anytime the music was playing.  Her mother, Catherine, seemed well acquainted with country and western dance as she danced with Luna.  In fact, her father and grandmother told me a story about a family vacation to Fort Collins where Catherine and a young man they had met that evening had every dancer stopping to watch the couple’s command of the dance floor.  From Margaret Ann’s conversation and the smile on her face as she and her family joined us on the floor, it is evident that dance has brought her much joy throughout her life.


Unfortunately, just like the early 1900s, interest in square dance has declined.  It is my hope to inspire a new generation of young people to fall in love with and rejuvenate this American art form.  I have participated in many forms of dance throughout my life, and they all have a social aspect.  But square dancing is more like a community.  I have never laughed at myself and with others more than when I square dance.  It’s an activity that commands your full attention eliminating, at least for a couple of hours, all of your thoughts and stress of the day.  You interact with everyone because you literally dance with everyone before the evening is over.  I encourage you to join us in March when our new lessons begin.  The first lesson is free, and who knows maybe you will witness new love amongst the many new friends you will meet.

written by Francee Kneisley

Square Dancing is Uniquely American | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine

Post Script:

According to the comments on my Facebook article, eighteen of our Lubbock club members found their spouse on a square dance floor.  

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